How To Increase The Chances That Your Birdhouse Gets Used

If you purchase a birdhouse, you want to make sure that it actually gets used. It would be amazing to know that you have provided a home for several baby birds and their mother, as well as attract birds to your yard to show them to your children. Here are some ways to increase the chances that your birdhouse gets used for its intended purpose.

. Build a House for a Specific Bird

The easiest way to increase the chances that your birdhouse will get used is to make sure that you build or purchase a birdhouse that is designed for a specific type of bird. Do some research about the birds in your area and find out which are most commonly seen. Then, do research with regards to what kind of houses they prefer. See if they prefer open-topped houses or houses with roofs that will keep the interior dark. Make sure that you make the hole exactly large enough for the bird that you are trying to attract and make the house the correct size as well. By building a house for a specific bird, you will draw attention to the birdhouse because the bird you are trying to attract will find that house much more appealing.

2.  Provide Drainage in Your Birdhouse

Next, you are going to want to make sure that any water that happens to get in your birdhouse is able to drain back out immediately.This will allow the nest that the birds have built to dry out more quickly, since it will not be sitting in pooled water for days. To provide a drainage system for the birds, drill several small holes in each corner of the birdhouse and one in the very center. Make these holes smaller than a quarter of an inch to make sure that the birds still feel safe putting their eggs in the birdhouse. This will significantly decrease the chances that the birds will leave after a hard rain.

3. Don't Use a Perch

Many cavity-nesting birds prefer birdhouses without a perch because they don't need them and because perches allow predatory birds such as ravens and magpies to easily reach into the birdhouse and get at the eggs. If you don't want your bird family in the birdhouse to become food, avoid adding a perch.

For more information, talk to an online company that sells unique birdhouses.