The Beginner's Guide To Handling And Storing Silver Coins

If you are a recent collector, you may still be new to the process of handling and storing your silver coins. Silver coins are beautiful and worthy of great care, as they are certainly capable of increasing in value over time. This guide will help you handle and store your coins.

1. Never handle your silver coins by the faces.

Handling your coins by the edges is most important. Wearing latex gloves or a similar layer of protection may not actually be in your coin's best interest. They could actually cause more damage to the coin when you handle it by the face with gloves. Plastics are also detrimental. In fact, many collectors will use a cloth during handling.

2. Beware of testing your silver coins.

When it comes to testing methods, one of the only ways that does not include potential damage to your coin is weighing. You should not try to scratch your coins.

3. Cleaning silver coins is a no-no.

Cleaning your coins is typically an abrasive and destructive process that you should seek to avoid as much as possible. Even rock tumblers can cause damage to your favorite silver coins.

4. Avoid buying coins online until you learn more.

Scams are commonly targeted toward beginning coin collectors, so it is important that you buy from reputable sellers only. The more you know about purchasing coins, the better. You will soon learn more about coins so that you can easily pinpoint potential scams before you become a victim. You should always try to see a coin in person before you buy it.

5. Buy a magnifying lens.

A magnifier is a great tool for coin collectors of any level. Being able to spot tiny imperfections could be the key to finding a coin that is worth more than you think.

6. Provide security for your coin.

The more security you can provide for your coins, the better. You want to keep coins in sleeves and holders that protect silver coins from the elements, which range from air to fire. You will find that your coins are more valuable when they have not been exposed to factors that will damage them over time -- even if you do not notice what is happening.

Selling and buying silver coins is an intriguing process. If you find yourself in a position where you want to buy or sell coins, a company like American Precious Metals Inc, can help you determine the best value of your coins and how to go about selling.