4 Signs That You're Buying A High Quality Handbag

Perhaps you want to buy a handbag to reward yourself for starting a great new job, hope to look at handbags for the first time as a surprise for your girlfriend or wife, or just want to be able to more easily know the difference between a quality bag and one that is poorly made and won't last. In any case, knowing what to look for will help you identify a high quality handbag that is well-made and likely to last a long time. Here are four signs that you are buying a high quality handbag:

Beautiful, Nicely Sewn Seams and Stitching

The seams and stitching of a well-made handbag will be even, uniform, and lay flat to the bag. Seams that are raised or bunched together, loose threads, uneven stitching that doesn't follow a straight line, and anything less than impeccable and neat seams and stitching is a sign that the bag in question is lower quality and not well-crafted.

A High Quality Zipper

One tell-tale sign of a cheaper handbag is that the zipper is flimsy or doesn't work well. On a high quality handbag, every detail has been carefully thought out, especially the zipper since this is a very important aspect of how well the bag will function. Look for a zipper that is sturdy, made from metal instead of plastic, and that easily opens and closes with a smooth, fluid motion instead of snagging. Try it a few times.

A Luxurious Interior

The interior of a high quality handbag is usually made from luxurious material, is nicely sewn, and contains multiple well-constructed compartments. A handbag with only one compartment or with interior lining that looks and feels flimsy, is not likely to stand up to much use.

A Sturdy Strap

The strap of any handbag gets a ton of use and should be made from sturdy, layered leather instead of being flimsy and lightweight. If a handbag's strap seems poorly constructed, it will most likely begin to fray and even break sooner than later simply because the strap carries so much weight and is physically grabbed and handled a lot by the wearer. Designers of quality bags make their handbag straps as sturdy and durable as possible for this reason.

By looking for a handbag with these qualities, details, and features, you (or the recipient if it's a gift) are likely to be very happy with your handbag purchase.