Top Twelve Items To Buy For Emergency-Relief Donation Boxes

If you want to do something to assist the many individuals impacted by hurricanes, fires, and natural disasters, donation box products are a wonderful way to provide goods to those in need. Check with local groups, charities, and churches to find ways to donate your boxes to people in crisis.

Twelve items for your emergency-relief boxes are:

1.Baby goods. Diapers seem to always be in short-supply during an emergency or crisis-situation. Break-down packages to add various sizes to each box, to accommodate babies of all sizes.

2.First aid kits. Create basic first aid kits for your boxes with band-aids, gauze, and disinfectant, but don't forget to include hand sanitizer.

3.Flashlights. A flashlight is an excellent item for your donation. Pick up inexpensive flashlights from discount stores or buy in bulk online.

4.Cleaning wipes. Cleaning wipes with bleach are another great item for relief-boxes. These can remove germs, clean mold, or simply wipe down surfaces during unfortunate situations.

5.Socks and underwear. Socks and underwear are among the most-requested item for those displaced or affected by natural disasters, like storms or hurricanes. Buy a variety of sizes.

6.Mylar blanket. Buy a Mylar blanket for each box. These fold to become very small, and the metallic surface will keep the recipient warm during inclement weather.

7.Rubber gloves. Rubber or latex gloves can be a commodity during a time of crisis. These can be worn to protect hands or to maintain sanitary conditions when dressing a wound. Buy in bulk and tuck a couple pair in each of your relief-boxes.

8.Hygiene products. Naturally, toiletries and hygiene products are always useful. Things like shampoo, soap, razors, and sanitary pads are helpful items to include.

9.Pet supplies. Don't forget about pets; include some basic pet supplies in your boxes. This might include pet kibble, leashes, and biscuits to hold pets over until they can return home.

10.Reusable water bottle. Inexpensive water bottles can be invaluable to someone who is displaced or evacuating a disaster area. Look for easy-to-use water 'bags' which are also called kidney- bags, and that fold-up to be very small and convenient to carry.

11.Batteries. Tuck some batteries in your relief-boxes. Popular sizes are typically AA, AAA, and flashlight batteries, most commonly sized C or D.

12.Phone card. While most everyone has a cell phone these days, some may not have access to their phone during a disaster. Include some small-denomination phone cards for long-distance calls to loved ones in your boxes, which is a gift that can be invaluable during worrisome times of crisis.

Work with local groups and organizations to provide donation boxes to those affected by natural disasters and extreme events. Get kids in on the action by having them help shop, fill, and distribute goods to those in need. Use this list as a general guideline when filling boxes and include these twelve items for recipients dealing with a crisis.