The Benefits Of Plastic And Wooden Dollhouses

This holiday season, you may be looking to purchase a dollhouse for your daughter or granddaughter. There are many different types of dollhouses on the market, including plastic ones and wooden ones. If you are unsure which is the better choice for her, taking the time to learn the benefits associated with each type may help you make an educated decision as to which one is better. Here are a couple of the benefits associated with both types of dollhouses. 

The Benefits of Plastic Dollhouses

  • They Are Extremely Durable

One of the benefits of plastic dollhouses is that they are extremely durable. They can be played with roughly or knocked over and still retain their shape and look good as new. This is why many toddler toys are made from plastic. If the child is young and/or plays roughly with their toys, plastic may be the better option. 

  • They Can Easily Be Wiped Down

The other benefit to plastic dollhouses is that they can be easily wiped down. If a child is sick or sucks or chews on the toy, it can easily be wiped down with a cleaning wipe or soapy water. Wood is not so easy to clean. 

The Benefits of Wooden Dollhouses

  • They Contain More Detail

One of the benefits to wooden dollhouses is that they often contain a lot more detail to them than plastic dollhouses. Wooden dollhouses are often made by woodworkers who put a lot of attention and detail into the house. You can also purchase accessories for the wooden dollhouse to help furnish the space, including furniture, appliances and linens. If your child is detail-oriented, they may love all of the detail that goes into a wooden dollhouse. 

  • They Are Often Heirloom Quality

Another benefit to a wooden dollhouse is that they are often heirloom quality. This means that they can be passed down from your daughter or granddaughter to her daughter or granddaughter one day, becoming much more than just a toy. The pieces hold up exceptionally-well when they are properly cared for and maintained and the house can be used for decorative purposes as well. 

Both types of dollhouses have their place and fill a need. If your child or grandchild is younger, a plastic dollhouse may allow them to play without worrying about them breaking the dollhouse. But if you are looking for a more detailed dollhouse or a heirloom piece, a wooden dollhouse is perfect for older children.