Feet Hurt? Choose The Right Sandals This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to shop for new sandals and other light footwear. But if you suffer from foot pain or another major issue, you might steer clear of sandals and opt for flats instead. You don't have to skip out on your sandals this summer. Here's how flats make foot pain worse and how the right sandals can ease it.

How Can Flats Worsen Your Foot Pain?

Flip flops, canvas shoes, and ballet flats may seem like the best alternatives to sandals, but this footwear may not be so good for your aching feet. Most flat shoes lack support in their arches. If you suffer from arch pain, flats may make it worse when you walk. 

In addition, flip flops can potentially lead to hammertoes. Although hammertoes often occur in people who wear ill-fitting shoes or high heels with narrow boxes, you can develop the problem if you wear shoes that force your toes to curl, grip, or overlap each other. For example, flip flops force you to curl your toes in order to keep your feet firmly placed inside them. If you wear flip flops all the time, your toes can stay curled.

You have other alternatives to flats, including the right sandals.

What Type of Sandals Should You Choose?

Sandals keep your feet cool and dry during summer weather. The footwear may also go well with shorts, skirts, summer dresses, and jeans. Although sandals can offer many benefits, it's important to choose the right footwear for your aching feet. Low wedges just might be the sandals you need.

Wedges that feature wedges soles of 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches high may be more comfortable for your feet. The low wedge keeps your body and feet balanced when you walk, which improves your posture. Poor posture can aggravate your feet and cause lower back and knee pain.

When you shop for your wedges, choose shoes that fit your feet properly. Wearing wedges that fit too loosely or tightly may also aggravate your foot pain. If you need support in your ankles, choose wedge sandals with thick or multiple straps. The straps may prevent your feet from slipping forward when your feet become wet or sweaty. 

If you need assistance in choosing the right wedge sandals, consult with a shoe store online or in person. Many online retailers provide shopping guides that help you choose shoes in your right size, style, and functions. Companies like Good Choice Shoes can offer more information.