3 Important Tips When Selling Jewelry To A Jewelry Store

A quick way of earning cash is to sell your old jewelry to a jewelry store. It's important to not go into this transaction haphazardly, though. To ensure this experience is pleasant from start to finish, be sure to utilize these tips.  

1. See What You're Working With

Before you head out to a jewelry store, you first need to know what you're truly working with as far as how valuable your jewelry pieces are. There's no better resource to use for this than the internet.

There are plenty of cost estimators that you can use, which will have you provide detailed information about the pieces you're trying to sell. For example, you need to know important details like what the jewelry is called, who it was made by, and when it was created. You can then pull up price estimates that give you a general baseline for how much to ask for.

2. Sell to the Right Jewelry Store

So that this transaction goes smoothly, you need to carefully choose which jewelry store you sell to. First and foremost, make sure the jewelry store offers great customer service. You can assess this aspect by looking online and seeing how many positive reviews a particular store has. The more positive feedback the store has received from customers, the more enjoyable this experience will probably be for you.

You also need to make sure the jewelry store is legitimate -- so that you're not influenced into an illegal transaction. Verify that the store has the proper licenses and credentials to complete these types of transactions by checking out their company website and their Better Business Bureau profile. 

3. Know How to Negotiate 

No matter where you take your jewelry to, you're probably not going to get exactly what you want. After all, jewelry stores are in the business of buying cheap and flipping for a great profit margin. That doesn't mean you can't get a great deal; you just need to know how to negotiate. 

So that you have added negotiating power, have your jewelry pieces appraised professionally. This may cost you a fee, but at least you'll know what a fair deal should be. You can then show the jewelry store this appraisal, and they'll be more willing to come up on their offer. If they hold firm and you believe they're undervaluing your jewelry, walk away until you find an offer that you're comfortable with.

At some point in life, you may need some fast cash for jewelry. You can come out on the winning side of this transaction by knowing what you have, lining up the right buyer, and staying patient during negotiations.