One Lantern Fits All: Light up Everyone's Life with the Gift of a Candle Lantern for Christmas

Does the thought of the approaching Christmas season stress you out when you think about trying to find the best gift for everyone? What if you could find one item that would please every person on your gift list? A candle lantern will suit the needs of every woman, man, and child on your holiday gift list.

Light up a woman's life

Whether you need a gift for a coworker for the annual office gift exchange or your mom or sister, you can't go wrong with the gift of a beautiful candle lantern. Don't worry if you don't know the recipient's favorite color or her home decorating style. A lovely candle lantern with a black, white, gray, or bronze finish will match any home.

A candle lantern makes a great gift alone, but you can easily add items to the gift if you want to make it even more special or personalized. For instance, add a charger plate, greenery, and dried silk flowers and your gift becomes a lovely tabletop centerpiece for any room in the home. Tuck a few small pine cones, some red berries, and miniature bells inside the lantern to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Light up a man's life

When shopping for candle lanterns for the men on your list, look for lanterns in a rustic finish for the outdoor lover. If you have a fisherman or hunter on your list, they likely spend some time away at a cabin or on a camping trip to pursue their hobby. For those camping trips where they are roughing it, a small candle lantern with a battery-operated candle is a safe night-light in tents and makes a great decorating piece in a cabin.

For the sports fanatic who spends football or baseball season in his man cave with the TV remote, look for a candle lantern that will match his favorite team colors. Adding a few miniature footballs, baseballs, or miniature team helmets to the lantern will make it a gift any sports lover won't be able to resist.

Light up a child's life

What child doesn't love having something to call their own? With the availability of battery-operated candles, children can enjoy having their very own lantern to use as a decoration in their bedroom or to use during play. Look for durable lanterns without sharp edges or glass. Open wooden or basket weave lanterns are good options for little ones.

Paint a wooden lantern the child's favorite color or include a bottle of non-toxic paint in the child's favorite color along with a paintbrush and let them enjoy painting the lantern. Add a pack of stickers and let them decorate their lantern if desired. Children can use the lanterns to read by in the dark, as a nightlight on the dresser, or to carry with them if they need to get up for a late-night drink or trip to the restroom.

Why stress out about the Christmas season when you don't have to? Purchase candle lanterns and use them to create one-of-a-kind gifts for the women, men, and children on your holiday gift list. Whether your gift is for an office employee or a beloved family member, candle lanterns will light up the lives of all who receive them. Check out businesses like St Michel's Gifts for more information.