Are You Opening A Gift Shop?

If you are close to opening your own gift shop, you are probably very excited that your dreams are coming true. You are also more than likely looking for unique ways to present the items your clients will purchase in your gift shop. From ordering custom printed apparel boxes to ordering gift bags and custom printed labels, here are some ideas that might help you.

Custom Printed Apparel Boxes 

Can you imagine the delight of your customers when you put gift items in a gorgeous apparel box? There are so many design choices that you might have trouble selecting the one you want. The name of your shop as the focal point might be a good place to start the design of your custom printed apparel boxes. For example, if you have selected a name like, Miranda's Marvels or Penny's Pretties, you could choose a fancy print style for the name part of the design.

Think of the design you want to go with the name of your business. For example, if you love roses, have roses as a custom design. Think of intermingling the roses with the letters of your name. Maybe your gift shop is decorated with a Paris theme. If that's the case the custom printed boxes could feature something like a French poodle or the Eiffel Tower. 

The great thing about custom printed apparel boxes is that they can be ordered in all different sizes. For example, if you will be selling jewelry in your store, the boxes can be very small. If you sell things like handmade quilts, order oversized custom printed boxes.

Additional Printed Items  

Think of ordering printed labels that will have the logo of your store as the main design. Another idea is to order mailing labels for items that you or customers will be shipping. The mailing label can have a mini rendition of your logo as part of the design.

Choose unique custom printed tissue paper that will be used inside of the printed boxes. For example, if you went with bright red roses for the design on the boxes, choose bright red tissue paper and have the logo of your shop printed on the paper. If you went with a pink French poodle for the theme of your store, have bright pink tissue paper that has French poodles as the main focus of the design. There are many different ways to produce items that truly represent your business.