Three Reasons To Buy A Touch Faucet

When you shop for a new faucet, the first thing that you think about might be the look of this fixture. You'll not only want to choose a faucet in a color that you like, but you'll also want a style that suits the other elements in the room. You should also give some consideration to how the faucet operates. Many faucets are equipped with one or two handles, but the handle isn't the way that you operate a touch faucet. To start and stop the water on this type of faucet, you simply tap the metal with any part of your hand or arm. Here are three reasons to buy a touch faucet.

Your Hands Are Often Very Dirty

Many people favor touch faucets because they need to wash their hands when they're extremely dirty. The concern with having dirty hands when you use a conventional faucet is that whatever material is on your hands will transfer to the faucet — thus requiring you to wipe it down afterward. Whether you're an automobile enthusiast who frequently has hands that are covered in grease or oil, or you're an amateur cook who butchers his or her own meat and often has blood on your hands, you'll appreciate being able to turn the water on by touching the metal of the faucet with a clean part of your body — your elbow, for example.

You Have Young Children

When you're a parent of young children, you probably spend a considerable amount of time encouraging them to wash their hands. Some kids aren't keen on doing so, which can make this process frustrating and time consuming. You may find that a touch faucet makes your kids more enthusiastic about washing. For example, they'll like the "magic" idea of tapping on the faucet to turn the water on and off, which may help to encourage them to wash their hands.

You Appreciate Unique Home Fixtures

You might think about buying a touch faucet simply because you appreciate unique fixtures around your residence. For example, you might outfit your home with a long list of home automation products that make your life easier and are fun to use. Whether you get a smile out of using unique fixtures at home or you're the type of person who wants to impress your guests when they visit you, a touch faucet can offer a uniqueness that you appreciate. Visit a local plumbing supply store, like Universal Plumbing, to evaluate different styles of touch faucets.