Creative Ways To Use Military-Themed Décor In Your Home

If you love all things red, white, and blue, you are not alone. Patriotic decorating is a great way to give your home a refreshing and inspiring look in any season of the year. Whether your love of patriotic decor simply is a result of loving your country or you wish to honor the service of a loved one, military-themed décor is always in style.

Make a great first impression

Show off your patriotic style by creating a military-themed porch or entryway. In spring and summer, place a large pot of red and white geraniums by a doorway and tuck several small flags into the pot. You can also use a pair of old military boots filled with faux red, white, and blue flowers mixed with miniature flags instead of a flowerpot.

Decorate a mantel patriotic style

Make a fireplace mantel a focal point in the room by creating a military display. Metal stars in red, white, and blue, framed military slogans, statues of eagles, or a framed flag picture all make great mantel decorations. Mix a few white candles among your décor to add a touch of ambiance to your patriotic mantel creation.

Create a memorial wall

Create a wall grouping to honor a family member who served in the military using military-themed décor mixed with framed portraits of your loved one. Choose décor that relates to the specific branch of service they served in. Create a gallery wall using wooden or metal military signs, slogans, and a case to display any medals your loved one received while serving.

Make a deployment wall

If you have a loved one who is still serving, dedicating a special corner of a room to your loved one is a creative way to keep them close while they are away on deployments and is especially helpful for children who miss a parent. Decorate your special corner with military décor, photos of your loved one, a large map marked with your loved one's location, and a corkboard to hang cards and letters you receive from them. Deployment walls make a great backdrop for video calls and will show your loved one you are always thinking about them.

There is just something inspiring about decorating your home with military-themed décor. The red, white, and blue hues of a flag combined with other military décor will bring a refreshing and energizing feeling to any area of your home. Whether you are honoring a family member who served or you just love patriotic things, you will not regret decorating your home military style.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries military-themed décor.