Tips for Buying Crew Socks for Running

As a runner, you need to look for gear that will keep you comfortable and injury-free, even after miles of pounding the pavement. This is as applicable to your socks as it is to larger items like your jackets! So, what qualities and features should you look for in crew socks for running? Read on to learn some tips for buying athletic crew socks for running?

1. Make sure they are not too short.

There's a reason why most running socks are crew socks instead of shorter no-shows. Socks that are too short may work their way down and into your shoe as you run, which can really be a nuisance. You don't want to have to stop and adjust your socks every mile! Some shorter crew socks can also cause this problem. So, when looking for crew socks to use for running, you want to preferentially buy those that are a little taller and come up a bit more further on your ankles.

2. Look for bleachable socks.

When you're in your socks for hours, the bacteria can really build up quickly. This can make blisters more likely, especially if you're not able to adequately kill the bacteria before use. It can also make your blisters more likely to become infected. So, you want to look for socks that can be sanitized with bleach. In other words, the best running socks are white. Bleach is excellent at killing both bacteria and viruses, and it's inexpensive, but it will take the color out of colored crew socks.

3. Opt for slightly thicker material.

You'll see some thinner crew socks and other thicker ones. As a runner, you are better off erring on the thicker side. The socks will give you more padding as you log mile after mile. They'll also make your shoes fit a tiny bit more closely, which can reduce the risk of blisters and rubs.

If you can find socks that are a little extra padded on the ball of the foot and the heel, those are particularly suitable for running. This is where you come down the hardest on your foot and tend to have the most irritation after a long run.

Hopefully, you have an easier time choosing crew socks for running after reviewing these tips. The best socks for you may be different from the best socks for your friend, but the basic advice above applies to all runners.