Buying Tips For One-Piece Figures

Action figures have continued to get more realistic and detailed over the years. Now you can pretty much get them in virtually any size and layout. If you're planning to buy any specific character figures in particular, here are some shopping tips that are worth remembering.

Find Out the Scale

One of the most important attributes of character figurines is their scale or size. That will determine how much you pay and how you need to go about shipping. So that you know exactly what you're buying, it helps to get familiar with scale terminology.

You'll see a particular ratio put in the description of the figure, which might be something like 1:12 or 1:4. These ratios equate to inches, which you want to find out so that you know exactly what size you can get with a particular character figure. That will save you confusion.

Consider Pre-Sales for Popular Figurines

Some character figurines generate a lot of buzz, even before they're officially put on the market. If you're interested in buying some of these figurines, then it helps to look into pre-sale opportunities. Some figurine companies will accept pre-orders well before a figurine goes up for sale.

You just need to make sure you get in your pre-order as early as possible so that stock doesn't run out. There are alert systems you can sign up for as to get reminders when pre-sales are official. Then you shouldn't have a problem getting an order in. 

Assess Their Articulation

If you plan on putting character figurines into different poses to make them more dynamic, then articulation is a factor you want to carefully review. This is the way the figure moves around at different points. Some figures have more articulation than others.

It just depends on how the manufacturer designed these figures and the movements they had in mind for them. You can find out more about articulation by looking at a figure's description and watching videos. Finding out these details can give you an honest idea of how different parts move and then you can buy character figures accordingly.

There are a lot of different character figures for sale that are made by some talented companies and sculptors. If you make sure you're aware of key attributes before checking out, it's going to be a lot easier to find figures you're happy with and enjoy looking at over the years. 

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