Useful Self-Care Products to Give Out as a Promotion

While a lot of companies order promotional products with the goal of giving them out one at a time, another option is for you to order smaller products so that you can give people a few different things. If this idea appeals to you, it's generally a good idea to choose a specific theme for these products. A popular theme is self-care, which is something that a lot of people will find appealing. Promotional products companies generally have all sorts of small self-care products that you can get branded with your company's name and logo. Here are some examples.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is a valuable product for keeping the lips hydrated, and while some people forget to buy this product for themselves, they'll happily use it when they receive a complimentary product. Lip balm tends to be available in tubes and small jars, so you can assess the cost of each and decide which is the right fit for your company. Either product has enough room to display your company's information on its label, and lip balm can be a good promotional tool because it's something people may carry for weeks or even months.

Hand Cream

Another useful self-care product that you can customize and give out as a promotion is hand cream. A lot of people use hand cream throughout the year, but this product may be especially appealing to people in the winter when the air is dry and many people suffer from dry skin. Hand cream is often scented, but it's worthwhile to check if your promotional products company has an unscented option available. This product will be more widely appealing to those with scent sensitivities and those who simply don't wish to wear scented products.

Hand Sanitizer

In today's age, hand sanitizer has increasingly become popular as a self-care product. A lot of people make a point of carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer whenever they leave the house. As such, promotional products companies frequently have several different hand sanitizer products for you to consider. One option is to choose a bottle that has a clip on it, as people may clip it to the exterior of their purse or coat. This will allow your company's branding information that appears on the bottle's label to be more visible — thus increasing its value as a promotional tool. Learn more about these and other products by contacting a promotional products company.

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