Wiccan Supplies Ideal For A Crystal Party

A friendly crystal party provides a fun way to exchange crystals, offer gifts to others, and talk about the attributes associated with crystal collecting. Along with crystal options for all your party guests, you can dive right into the theme of the party with the supplies and decor you choose to decorate with.

Follow this quick guide to pick the right supplies ideal for a crystal party and learn how each one can enhance the excitement and fun of your gathering.

Incense and Essential Oils

Enhance the mood at a crystal party with the use of incense or essential oils. When you shop at a Wiccan shop, the shop will include specific scents that cater to the world of crystals. For example, you could purchase incense with all-natural scents like vervain or lavender. The aroma will fill the house and really enhance the crystal choosing for everyone there.

If you do not like the smoke element of incense, then choose essential oils and use the oils inside a diffuser. The diffuser will spread the vapors through the air and create calm scents for the party.

Gift Boxes

Instead of just gifting a crystal without any protection, consider the purchase of Wiccan-style gift boxes to enhance the crystal gift. A gift box may include a wooden design and handcrafted Wiccan symbols or designs. For example, you could purchase gift boxes with dragons, pentagrams, or tree of life designs.

Purchase gift boxes with all the same design or choose a wide variety of design options so guests can select the ones they like best.

Crystal Guidebooks

Some newcomers to the world of Wiccan crystals may not know the shapes, meanings, or stories behind the crystals you give away at the party. One of the best ways to educate everyone is with the use of crystal guidebooks. Purchase one or more guidebooks to use at the party.

Guests can flip through the guidebooks to learn more about crystals or you can read select passages out loud. Shop for guidebooks with a lot of pictures to compare them with the crystals you have to offer.

Witches Bells

Provide some unique visuals and sounds when you hang up Wiccan witch bells for your party. The bells offer a classic Wiccan decor option and can build people's interest in the world of witchcraft. You could even offer some of the bells as an alternate gift to the crystals.

Visit a Wiccan supplies shop in-person or online to find all of the items for your crystal party. You can also shop for the actual crystals you plan to hand out to party guests.