Keep These Ideas In Mind When You Order Promotional Mouse Pads

Many computer users — particularly those who rely on desktop models — continue to use mouse pads to help their mouse move smoothly. If you're looking for a useful tech-related promotional product that your company can hand out at an upcoming event, custom mouse pads can be a good idea to consider. You can order custom-branded mouse pads that feature your brand's logo and website from many companies, and there are all sorts of options available. You'll want to keep the following ideas in mind as you think about how you want your promotional mouse pads to look.

Dark Color

While you'll obviously want your organization's name and logo to appear on the mouse pad, you need to think about how it will otherwise look. One decision to make is what color you want the mouse pad to be. There are lots of different color options, but darker colors tend to work best. Light colors can stain easily. If someone spills a bit of food while eating at their desk, the food can leave a stain on a light-colored mouse pad. Even the oils from a person's skin can eventually discolor a mouse pad that is white or off-white. People may be apt to discard a stained mouse pad, but a dark-colored product that hides stains will offer more longevity.

Wrist Pad

Some mouse pads are designed to have a wrist pad at the front edge of the mouse pad, which provides a support area for the user's wrist. This feature can reduce wrist fatigue which often occurs during long periods of using a computer. You'll often have the option of having this feature appear on your promotional mouse pads, and it's a worthwhile upgrade. Without this feature, a user might eventually discard the mouse pad in favor of buying one that is equipped with a wrist pad.

Wireless Charging

Some mouse pads double as a wireless charger for phones, which can be a handy feature to have. When the user needs to charge their phone, they can simply place it on the edge of the mouse pad as they do their work on the computer. Choosing this feature when you order custom-branded mouse pads will offer functionality that those who receive your mouse pads will appreciate. Learn more about how to order custom promotional mouse pads by visiting the website of a promotional branded products supply company in your area.